Discipleship Team: Teacher Skill Building,
Field Medical Exams & Photographer/Videographer
With Elizabeth Lauer & Rotha Chay


Cambodia Context:  The Kingdom of Cambodia, located in southeast Asia, shares borders with Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand (inlet of the South China Seas).  The two major river systems – the Tonle Sap and the Mekong River converge in the capital city, Phnom Penh.  The climate is tropical.  Thearavada Buddhism is the official religion and practiced by 95% of the population.  The median age is 24.2 years, (the genocide by the Khmer Rouge killed over 2 million people between 1975-1979 and a generation was lost).  Cambodia is technically a third world country and is one of the poorest nations in the world.  About a third of its citizens live on less than a dollar a day. There is systemic corruption, poor infrastructure and environmental destruction on a very large scale.

Purpose of the Trip:  To support “Forward International School” at “The Center”  (Forward Church’s Global partner), with skills training for the school teachers; simple field medical examinations for students; capturing video and photos for a visual bank needed for engagement purposes in Canada; the encouragement of Rotha and Sinath (Directors), staff, students, volunteers and church members who live in the impoverished, under-resourced industrial area called “Prey Tea” in Phnom Penh.

Key Tasks: 1) Plan training modules and deliver training to strengthen the skills of teachers and to help them become better equipped to teach children in a holistic, creative way. 2) Provide field health exams for eyes, teeth, etc. of students. 3) Build relationships with Khmers. 4) Become an advocate for The Center in an ongoing relationship.

Size/dynamics of team:Maximum team size 7.  Ages 19 and up.

Required qualities: Emotionally and spiritually mature follower of Jesus (model Jesus authentically and with grace in a watching/curious Buddhist society); humble, take direction willingly; resourceful; heart to serve; flexible; passionate for team unity and witness; physically resilient (tropical heat, steep stairs, poor sanitation onsite, poor medical services in country); educators (school teachers); medical field personnel; member of Forward Church.

Estimated Timing: Mid-August 2019.  With travel, the total time away will be approximately 2 weeks.

Estimated cost: $3,000 CDN per person.

Application: Applications must be submitted to Stephen Lauer, Director of Global Engagement, at Forward Church office, no later than March 15, 2018with interviews to follow shortly thereafter.  Once the team is selected, members are then required to have:
1) Passport (valid until Feb. 2020)

2) All shots as instructed by travel clinic 3) Medical/evacuation insurance 4) Current police check

Logistics (Accommodation and restaurant meals): Clean hotel with modern amenities.  Food is international and Cambodian.  Travel – “tuk tuk” or van.  No air conditioning at The Center.  Internet available.

For More Information:  Please contact Forward Church International Engagement Directors:

Elizabeth or Stephen Lauer or




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