Am I reading the Bible daily?

Am I studying and memorizing the Bible?

Is the Bible directing my daily decisions?


Are my relationships healthy?

Am I growing as a Spirit-filled leader?

Am I stewarding my time, talents and treasures wisely?


Is my prayer life growing and thriving?

Am I engaged in a faith-strengthening small group?

Is every area of my life submitted to Christ’s authority?


Am I discipling one or more people?

Am I sharing the gospel with my neighbours?

Do I share Christ’s heart for all people and places?


Life Groups: doing life in community

Being the Church in the Neighbourhood

Life Groups are about doing life together. They’re about being family, servants, and missionaries within our church and for our communities. What a great place to discover how Jesus intended the church to live out its faith. Life Groups meet in homes and are oriented around scripture, prayer, fellowship, and service.  Many Life Groups in our region are waiting to welcome you!

Check out or join Life Groups in your neighbourhood.

Exploring life’s big questions at Alpha

How Faith Fits

Engaging dinner conversations are rare. But The Alpha Course is an exception!  At Alpha you get a delicious dinner every week while exploring questions about faith, Jesus, the Bible, and much more.  We want you to experience a great place for discovering for yourself what Christianity is all about.  And, by the way, no question is out of bounds!

Check out dates/times or join the next Alpha.

Alpha is offered all over the world.  Find out more.


Marriage Ministry for couples dating, engaged, and married

Discovering God’s Greater Vision for Marriage

No one goes into marriage thinking of divorce. But statistics show most marriages end in divorce. We’re determined to end that cycle!  We offer ministries for couples who are dating, engaged, newly married, and those farther along in their marriage. Our approach is thoroughly biblical, takes place in the context of relationships, and is reliant upon God’s Spirit to transform lives and marriages.

Stay informed for upcoming Marriage Matters classes, which will be announced as soon as available.

If you’re seriously dating or engaged, register for our premarital class, Merge.  Contact Kirk for more information.




Young adults in small group and large group community

Sharing Life and Growing Together to new levels of commitment

Connection and community are essential parts of Christian community, and life in general! We want to make sure that our young adults find that depth of relationship here at Forward. Eikon (our young adults ministry), is built around a number of Life Groups that meet regularly in homes. These groups share life, meals, and God’s word, and together grow to new levels of commitment to following Jesus.

We also gather periodically to celebrate, worship, and serve together in as a group. These events remind us that, while so much of Christian discipleship happens in small communities, we are all part of a larger group of people serving Jesus and working to bring His Kingdom to earth.  Check our our Facebook page, to see upcoming events – both Kitchener and Cambridge people welcome!

Contact Kevin as your first connection to Eikon.


Women’s Life Studies for becoming a Godly Woman

My Identity in Christ Alone

Women’s Life Studies are about finding our identity in Christ. In a society that tends to treat women as commodities for consumption, it’s all the more important to help establish strong, godly women who are unwavering in their faith despite obstacles put in front of them.

Do you want to read and talk about God’s Word in a relax environment?  Then come join our 20/20/20/20 session. Enjoy a snack, then break away into small groups to spend twenty minutes each on reading scripture, journaling, sharing, and praying in a small group setting.  We call this 20/20/20/20. We will be meeting the second Monday of each month from April to August.  Our first evening will be Monday, April 9, 2018 at 7:00pm at our Forward Kitchener Site in the Church cafe.  Come join us for one session or more.

New Women’s Life Studies will be starting in Fall 2018 at our Forward Cambridge Site.

No matter which site you attend, you are welcome at any study!





Life Studies for becoming a Godly Man

Standing Firm in Christ

Being a true man is modelling your life after Jesus. Jesus taught us to love, serve, and disciple others. We want to encourage and equip men to rise to this calling. Men’s studies provide a context for you to grow in your faith journey through the study of God’s word, prayer, and character-sharpening relationships.  The end goal is to walk as Jesus walked, in resolute commitment to fulfill God’s purpose here on earth!

Register for the spring Men’s Life Study:  Freedom in Christ, taking place on March 15-June 10, 2018 in Cameron Hall at our Cambridge site.


OASIS Stands for “Older Adults Still in Service!”

Roots That Run Deep

Seniors have so much to offer every generation – life experience, wisdom, time, and friendship. We place a high value on our seniors and believe that they truly are still in service!  OASIS runs on the first Wednesday of each month. It includes an inspirational speaker, music, and a delicious lunch.

Cambridge Site: Oasis runs on the first Wednesday of each month at 10:30am, in Cameron Hall.

Contact Art to make your first connection.




Life Classes: growing through learning

Knowledge Leading to Holiness

We offer a variety of classes that address finances, marriage, biblical books, beliefs, and more. You will find that each class helps you in the areas of understanding and practice. We believe that head knowledge and practical living should walk hand-in-hand.  Life Studies are gender specific, but Life Classes are open to all adults.  Register now and start growing!

Check out or join upcoming Life Classes.


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