Director of Worship Ministries

To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and a video demo of your personal experience leading worship to Beth Silveira at (Executive Assistant to Steve Adams, Lead Pastor).


At Forward Church, our purpose is to Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.

Our mission is to make disciples who are…

  1. Shaped by His Word;
  2. Surrendered to His Will;
  3. Connected to His Spirit; and,
  4. Building His Kingdom.

This position has the privilege of growing people in worshipping God as they journey as part of the Forward Church family, and discipling those who are involved as volunteers in the work of worship. Leadership and direction from this role will cover all Forward Church sites (currently two).

Start Date: Immediately

Reports To: Lead Pastor

Direct Reports: Worship Leaders Team, Music Team (Band and Vocals) Tech Team (Service Directors Team, Audio Team, Video Team, Projection Team, Lighting Team, Setup, Set Design), Story Team (service content).

This is a full-time position at 44 hours.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Be a passionate example for our church family by modeling Christ-centered living and providing vision, inspiration, encouragement, & equipping to all involved in the ministry.
  2. Worship Team Leadership (At Forward Church, the term “Worship Team” includes several teams in both music and technology).
  • Recruit for and work closely with teams for all planning, decisions and development of church worship services.
  • Recruit for and work closely with teams for all planning, decisions and development of large special events, often at Easter and Christmas.
  • Recruit, develop, and evaluate Worship Leaders, to lead services, at both sites.
  • Recruit, develop, and evaluate volunteer team leaders for all teams with the goal of delegating responsibility and authority to lead those ministry areas with ongoing follow-up.
  • Assist team leaders to recruit volunteers and staff for all team members that fall under Worship Ministries: Worship Leaders Team, Music Team (both Band and Vocals) Tech Team (Service Directors Team, Audio Team, Video Team, Projection Team, Lighting Team, Setup, Set Design), and for new teams that need to be established to move the ministry forward.
  • Recruit, develop, and evaluate members of our Story Team (service content) for ideas to drive home the sermon thrust.

3.  Leadership and Development for Worship Ministries

  • Pastoring the team leaders and members within Worship Ministries.
  • Providing regular training and development for all team members.
  • Working with Student Ministries to identify and develop talent from among students, with a goal of the next generation being a weekly, integral part of the main worship services.
  • Discipling interns and key worship leaders, with an emphasis on training the next generation.

4. Programming for Sunday Worship Services and Special Events

  • Develop creative and fresh, God honoring worship services, with emphasis on life change.
  • Work with the Worship Ministries assistant to schedule personnel in Planning Center, for each service.
  • Become fluent in the use of Planning Center Online, all applications.
  • Coordinate with the Communications Team, regarding stories, announcements, and other creative service content.
  • Create environments and contexts to develop seeker oriented services and events where first time guests are valued and considered, particularly at Christmas and Easter.
  1. Miscellaneous responsibilities:
  • Work alongside Setup and Auditorium Décor people, to oversee and coordinate the creation and building of sets for worship services and special events.
  • Attend all staff and huddle meetings.
  • Create and oversee budget for Worship Ministries.
  • Provide musical and technical support for unique events.


  1. Consistent quality, unique in content, engaging worship services that honour God, and are Jesus-focused.
  2. Services in which seekers/unbelievers connect with God, and believers worship in spirit and truth.
  3. Regular discipling and development of people through the ministry so that Forward Church continues to be built upon many team members (rather than one personality).
  4. Dependable long-term planning, scheduling, and support for worship ministry teams.
  5. A spirit of joy, enthusiasm and engagement as a key member of the Strategy Team.

Skills Required

  1. A mentoring, discipling and pastoring mindset that motivates you to call people to greater depths of intimacy with Christ and great commitment to growing his Kingdom.
  2. A self-starter, open to input, and mentoring.
  3. A humility that enables you to develop and celebrate others.
  4. Instrumental and vocal ability to be able to provide worship leadership, and train others to do the same.
  5. Leadership capacity to be able to recruit and manage others through delegation of responsibility and authority in a large, multi-site church setting.
  6. Proven experience in a similar role is essential.
  7. Post secondary education in music and/or ministry would be a key asset.


Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Send your resume and cover letter to Chris Ferris by 5:00pm on Monday, April 16, 2018.


The primary responsibility of this position is to be a mature spiritual leader who will form part of a team that shepherds both group leaders and youth in the following ways: (1) facilitate students coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the life-transforming truth of the gospel and be assimilated into the life of the church; (2) strengthen their faith; (3) encourage them in their walk with the Lord; (4) advance their understanding of and obedience to the Bible; (5) expand the vision of this ministry to the student’s families; and (6) deepen their relationships with their parents, siblings, and friends thorough the practice of Christian principles and attitudes. (7) facilitate opportunities for them to develop in serving others.  In addition, the position requires the spiritual gift of teaching and ability to teach regularly to the youth and occasionally to the full church congregation.

Reporting Relationship

This position reports to the Pastor of Student Ministries and serves on the Leadership Team.


The expectations for this position include:

  • Pastoral Oversight: Act as the primary pastor of the Junior High group (youth and leaders) as described in the overview above.  Act as one of the pastors for the Senior High group.
  • Pastoral Training: Be involved in equipping and maintaining the group leaders.  The aim of the training and equipping ministry for both students and sponsors alike is described in Ephesians 4:12-13.
  • Teaching Ministry: Teach regularly to the Junior High youth of Forward Church.  They will seek to develop the teaching gifts of the group leaders and may invite other guest speakers from time to time.
  • Vision & Goals: Annually develop and review the vision and goals for the Junior High Student Ministry at Forward Church ensuring that these are congruent and complementary to the broader vision and Strategic Plan of Forward Church.
  • Strategic Plan: Provide information to the Leadership Team that is necessary in developing the Strategic Plan.
  • Leadership: Meet with group leaders and other volunteers in the Junior High Student Ministry area to help them succeed in achieving their ministry goals.
  • Volunteer Recruitment: Successfully attract and retain group leaders and other volunteers for the Junior High Student Ministry.
  • Creativity: Consistently brings fresh ideas and approaches which are appropriate for the times and target audience. Researches methods of other church ministries and attends conferences and seminars which are beneficial to their development.
  • Budget: Submits an accurate departmental budget each year. Carefully administrates annual departmental budget ensuring that expenditures do not exceed budget and funds are spent appropriately and in accordance with the spirit in which the budget was created and approved.
  • Foundational Documents: Be familiar and in agreement with documents such as Articles of Faith, By-laws, Strategic Plan and Employee Manual.
  • Other expectations: Fulfill other teaching/preaching responsibilities as may be delegated on occasion by the Lead Pastor. Participate in broader church initiatives to fulfill Forward Church’s mission.  Complete other pastoral duties periodically as needed.
  • The successful candidate will be discipled to grow into future roles at Forward Church such as Pastor of Student Ministries.


We are looking for a candidate who possesses the following qualifications:

  • A growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A passion for discipleship, community, and mission
  • An undergraduate degree in a related field
  • Strong administrative capabilities
  • A proven track record of leading, caring for, and discipling students
  • Experience planning and running events
  • A confident communicator
  • A desire to both learn and lead
  • Spiritual gift of teaching required
  • Musical ability not required but would be an asset

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