Discipleship Team – Camp in a Suitcase
With Karim and Rita Anayssi

Lebanon Context:  Lebanon is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and borders with Syria and Israel. The population is 6.2 million of which close to 2 million are refugees.  Once considered the “Paris of the Middle East” Lebanon has been in turmoil for more than 40 years. Civil wars and external occupation have sapped the nation’s economy, destabilized its political and social life and damaged its infrastructure.

Since 1961, “Cedar Home” based in Beirut, has helped hundreds of at-risk girls. Today, Cedar Home serves 20 girls aged 4 to 14, who are Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, and stateless.  Cedar Home provides a holistic care approach giving each girl the opportunity for a positive future and the opportunity to encounter Jesus.

Purpose: To create and run a one-week day camp to bring joy, both for the girls in Cedar Home and for vulnerable girls living in the general vicinity.  To learn about and then serve as an advocate for Cedar Home, the ministry of the Anayssi’s, and Forward Church’s Global Engagement ministry.

Key Tasks: 1) Plan a one-week day camp for girls in the months preceding departure for Lebanon, in conjunction with the Anayssi’s (schedule, sports, games, music, art, testimonies, etc.).  2)  Gather the resources and create the required materials for “camp in a suitcase”.  3) Run the program for the day camp.  4) Be an encouragement for the Anayssi’s and the Cedar Home staff.  5) Be a learner about culture.

Size/dynamics of team: Ideal team size 3-7 people; women and/or married couples, 18 years of age and older.

Required qualities: Emotionally and spiritually mature followers of Jesus; flexible, servant heart, team player; physically fit; outgoing personality; experienced in camp programs; ability to share testimony publically; current member of Forward Church. Once back in Canada, be motivated to advocate for Forward Church’s Global Engagement initiatives.

Estimated Timing: Early to mid-July 2019.  With travel, the total time away from Canada will be two weeks.

Estimated cost: $2500 CDN per person.

Application:Applications must be received by Stephen Lauer, Director of Global Engagement at the Forward Church office, no later than Dec. 31, 2018with interviews to follow.  Selected team members are required to have: 1) Valid passport 2) Out of country medical insurance 3) Current police check.

Logistics: Team memberswill stay at Cedar Home’s guest house onsite.  Accommodation is basic but comfortable and safe.  Meals will be provided, excellent but simple.  We apologize that no personal food restrictions can be accommodated on this trip.  Internet is generally available.  Must be willing to handle minor inconveniences with grace.

For more information:  Please contact your Forward Church Global Engagement Directors:

Stephen or Elizabeth Lauer

stephenl@forwardchurch.ca  or elizabethl@forwardchurch.ca





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