Life Groups


Am I reading the Bible daily?

Am I studying and memorizing the Bible?

Is the Bible directing my daily decisions?


Are my relationships healthy?

Am I growing as a Spirit-filled leader?

Am I stewarding my time, talents and treasures wisely?


Is my prayer life growing and thriving?

Am I engaged in a faith-strengthening small group?

Is every area of my life submitted to Christ’s authority?


Am I discipling one or more people?

Am I sharing the gospel with my neighbours?

Do I share Christ’s heart for all people and places?




Married and Varied Life Groups: doing life in community

Growing people in Christ through relationships

Life Groups are about doing life together. They’re about being a family, servants, and missionaries within our church and for our communities. What a great place to discover how Jesus intended the church to live out its faith. Life Groups meet in a variety of locations and are oriented around scripture, prayer, fellowship, and service.  Many Life Groups in our region are waiting to welcome you!

Check out or join Life Groups in your neighbourhood.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, come join our next LifeLink Group Launch taking place late spring 2019. LifeLink is a great opportunity to develop friendships and begin a brand new Life Group. Check back soon for more details!

Check out our Life Group Leader Blog to discover more about what life groups are all about.

Women’s Life Groups for becoming a Godly Woman

My Identity in Christ Alone

Women’s Life Groups are about finding our identity in Christ. In a society that moves at a rapid pace, with many demands on our time, it’s all the more important to help establish strong, godly women who are unwavering in their faith despite obstacles put in front of them.

For winter 2019, there are two Women’s Life Studies offered, one at our Cambridge site and one at our Kitchener site.  Whether you have been in a Women’s Life Group before, or this is your first time, come join a group of women as we learn to live out God’s Word in our everyday lives.  No matter which site you attend, you are welcome at any group!

Cambridge Women’s Life Group: “All Things New”

Winter is here! And if Life seems to ramp up more then it calms down, You are not alone!  We are navigating competing voices, many events and difficult situations.  Found in similar circumstances, Paul’s letter to Corinth encourages us to thrive in the midst of it, as New Creations in Christ.  Beginning Thursday, January 31 at 9:30am or 7:00pm, our Cambridge Women’s Life Group will be learning how God makes “All Things New” in our life.  Childcare provided for the morning session. Check out this study.

Kitchener Women’s Life Group: “Children of the Day”

Women are your feet wet? Do you feel under water at times? Be encouraged – your circumstances are not coincidental –  God’s timing is impeccable! “Be Children of the Day” and come walk the shores of Thessalonica, as we explore God’s sustaining power in 1 & 2 Thessalonians.  This is a DVD study starting Monday, January 21 at 7:00pm.  Check out this study.





Life Groups for becoming a Godly Man

Standing Firm in Christ

Being a true man is modelling your life after Jesus. Jesus taught us to love, serve, and disciple others. We want to encourage and equip men to rise to this calling. Men’s Life Groups provide a context for you to grow in your faith journey through the study of God’s word, prayer, and character-sharpening relationships.  The end goal is to walk as Jesus walked, in resolute commitment to fulfill God’s purpose here on earth!

Join us on Thursdays beginning March 28 at 6:30am or 7:00pm in the youth wing for our next life study – gospel in life.  Join Tim Keller as he challenges us in this intensive eight-session course on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life – first in your heart, then in your community, and then out into the world. Our time together will include large group teaching, with particular focus on small group discussions.  Register today!

Join us for LEGACY, special one-day men’s conference combining a large event experience with focused workshops on a variety of topics. The day features a wide variety of workshops, a powerful main session and live worship with hundreds of other men. Cost is $45.  Registration deadline is Wednesday, April 10.



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