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David and Goliath (Darryl Siemens) 1 Samuel 17

The story of David and Goliath may be the prototypical Sunday School story. A story that is likely familiar to anyone who grew up in church and one that even many who have never darkened the door of a church have heard of. It’s the story of a shepherd boy who with only sling and five stones took down the giant who had been terrorizing the entire armed forces of Israel. Ultimately though, the story isn’t a call to be like David and face down our giants, it’s a story that reminds us that no matter how big, brutal and scary the giants we face are, if God goes with us we have nothing to fear. In fact, if there’s one thing we need to know is true about all every story we’re going to study this summer, it’s that God is the ultimate hero of every story.

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