Covid-19 Update

Thank you for your interest in renting our facility.

We are now accepting requests for review. Please be advised, that although we are accepting requests for the remainder of the calendar year, we have not yet heard from our various governments and medical officers as to when churches will be allowed to fully re-open, especially for large gatherings. At this time, we do not know what transitioning restrictions will be placed upon us once the Covid-19 pandemic requirements continue to relax. Currently, our facilities are open for viewing and in-person worship services and meetings with restrictions applied.

At this time, applications will be reviewed and processed as far as possible including a tentative booking, but unfortunately will not be confirmed. We will provide information regarding your submission, at a later date, after we receive clarity around the government requirements for resuming regular programming within our building.

As always, Forward’s first commitment is to our own ministry’s programming requirements and at this point, we are uncertain as to how they will be affected by the “new normal”. All this makes it extremely difficult to fill in the calendar at this time but we will do our best to ensure as many preferred dates are met as possible.

You can receive updates and further directions as the information presents itself by watching the “Rentals” portion of our website.

Thank you for your understanding during this extraordinary time.



Forward Church does not accept applications for music recitals, parties, anniversaries, showers, renewal of vows ceremonies or, political parties and their association for purpose of a political event.

Forward Church does not offer its facility for rental to “for-Profit” organizations or for “for-Profit” activities.  Such requests are considered on a case by case basis only where a clear linkage and support of the church’s purpose statement is evident.

The facilities are not available for rent on Saturday evenings (wedding receptions excluded), Sundays or statutory holidays.

Your booking process is not complete until the request has been approved, proof of insurance has been submitted and a deposit cheque has been received.

Upon approval, a confirmation email will be sent to the contact name and email address provided below.

A rental agreement with Forward Church does not include promotion or advertising of the event by the church.

In addition to these items Forward Church can not accept applications for multiple date rentals such as children’s camps, courses and training or sports team practices.

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