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Am I reading the Bible daily? Am I studying and memorizing the Bible? Is the Bible directing my daily decisions?

Are my relationships healthy? Am I growing as a Spirit-filled leader? Am I stewarding my time, talents and treasures wisely?

Is my prayer life growing and thriving? Am I engaged in a faith-strengthening small group? Is every area of my life submitted to Christ’s authority?

Am I discipling one or more people? Am I sharing the gospel with my neighbours? Do I share Christ’s heart for all people and places?



Married and Varied Life Groups: doing life in community

Growing people in Christ through relationships

Life Groups are about doing life together. They’re a great way to make friends and grow in your faith journey. Life Groups typically meet in a variety of locations, but during Covid all of them are meeting online for your convenience. Many Life Groups in our region are waiting to welcome you! Check out or join a Life Group in your area. If you’re interested in starting your own Life Group, register here and someone will be in touch with you shortly! If you have any questions, contact Pastor Kevin.



Women’s Life Groups for becoming a Godly Woman

WOMEN – Identity in Christ Alone

No matter what season of life you are in, Women’s Life Groups are about finding our identity in Christ. In a society that moves at a rapid pace, it’s important to help establish strong, godly women who are unwavering in their faith through any seasons of their life.

Whether you have been in a Women’s Life Group before, or this is your first time, come join a multi-generational group of women as we learn to live out God’s Word in our everyday lives.

During Covid-19, Women’s Life groups are meeting on-line.

Our Spring sessions are in progress.  New sessions are TBA.  Any questions please connect with Rachel






Life Groups for becoming a Godly Man

MEN Standing Firm in Christ

Being a true man is modelling your life after Jesus. Jesus taught us to love, serve, and disciple others. We want to encourage and equip men to rise to this calling. Men’s Life Groups provide a context for you to grow in your faith journey through the study of God’s word, prayer, and character-sharpening relationships.  The end goal is to walk as Jesus walked, in resolute commitment to fulfill God’s purpose here on earth!

If you’re interested in joining a Men’s Life Group, peruse Life Groups on our website, or fill out a brief life group form.   If you’re interested in starting your own Men’s Life Group, register here and someone will contact you shortly. If you have any questions, contact

Due to Covid-19, we will not be gathering in person. Men’s Life Groups will be meeting over Zoom.




Offering practical building blocks for rock-solid marriages

FOUNDATION Marriage Life Groups

Foundation is for those married 4 years or less, providing couples with a 15-month investment in their marriage. Each week you will be led by a mentor couple in a small group setting with other newly married couples. Topics such as in-laws, communication, sex, finances, conflict resolution and much more will be covered in a safe, supportive environment.  Consider joining one of our Foundation Life Groups.  Contact Curtis for more information.


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