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For almost 90 years, we have seen the faithfulness of God in our church. Who we are today is because faithful people have been committed to the mission of Jesus through this church. We now have the opportunity to continue to build on the faithfulness of those who have gone before us. 

Multiply is a series of projects that will launch the next chapter in the mission of making disciples of Jesus who love God, love others, and serve the world. This will replace our Christmas offering in 2024 and 2025. 


Funding Goal: $7.3 million by the end of 2025 

Raised To Date: $363,582

Building Bridges to the Gospel

Goal: $600,000

Raised: $190,000

People increasingly have a negative view of Christians and no faith affiliation. We plan to create intentional bridges to help people experience our genuine love for them and to introduce them to the Good News of Jesus.  

Program Initiatives will include summer camps and a variety of Community Outreach programs throughout the year in all of our church sites. Half of this goal will be given to global partners who build bridges to the Gospel in their communities. 

Equipping Leaders for Kingdom Impact

Goal: $220,000

Raised: $68,000

As we reach and disciple more people, there will be a significant need for more leaders – both for our own church and for the broader Christian community. Many churches are struggling to find staff and even senior pastors. We are committed to doing our part in developing and equipping more leaders who can serve the Body of Christ for generations to come. 

Program initiatives will include  

  • Internships at Forward for younger leaders or those exploring ministry as a career. 
  • The Forward Leadership School to help develop future lay leaders in the church. 
  • Our goal would also include $75,000 being given to Global Engagement partners who are also investing in leadership development. 

Starting Churches for the Mission

Goal: $480,000

Raised: $95,190

One of the most effective ways to multiply disciples of Jesus is the planting of new churches. Together, we will launch two new sites of Forward Church. 

  • Arabic Church: this will be a mission to reach those in the Arabic community around us with the Gospel of Jesus. 
  • Brant County: this new site of Forward Church will give us the opportunity to bring the Gospel to this region. 

Creating Spaces to Serve the Mission

Goal: $6 million

Our Cambridge facility is showing some significant signs of age and larger maintenance issues. These items need to be addressed to keep our building safe and usable in the future. We have the opportunity to invest in a facility that will serve the church for the next twenty to thirty years and bless future generations with a place to worship, grow, and reach the community. These funds will address major issues including: back parking lot, roof repairs, HVAC units, water coming into the building, windows and flooring needing to be replaced, washroom updates, and more.