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Next Steps

Continue Your Discipleship Journey with These Additional Resources

Looking for personal guidance on what steps to take next as a disciple of Jesus?

Looking for biblical help with personal or relational matters?

Biblical Counselling

Forward Church provides biblical counselling services to people who are struggling with personal and relational matters. This is designed to give you biblical guidance and a spiritual perspective.

We do not provide psychological diagnosis or treatment. We do not practice medicine, diagnose or treat medical conditions – you should consult your doctor for medical ailments and treatment.

Our counsellors are trained pastors or certified as biblical counsellors from the Association of Biblical Counselors. There is no fee involved in this service from the church.


Feeling stuck, hurt, or hopeless?

Freedom Session

Finding healing through Freedom Session! This 28-week in-depth discipleship journey will help you identify and move beyond what’s holding you back through biblical principles applied and relationships formed.

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Grow Deeper in Prayer


Prayer is the way we can grow in our love of God, our love of others, and gives us an ability to serve the world right where we are.

You can join us each week in prayer by signing up to receive our Prayer Email.
Here you will find a weekly word of encouragement and reflection, prayer requests, and access to our Global Outreach Partners Praise and Prayer Items

Prayer Email Signup

Do you have a praise or prayer item you would like to share for prayer?  You can do so here:

Praise and Prayer

Dive a Little Deeper Following Sunday

Rewind Podcast

Each week our teachers engage in a conversation that dives a little deeper into the Sunday content. Join them as they answer your questions and provide some of what may have hit the cutting room floor as they prepared for Sunday.

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