What is One Degree Shift?

There’s so much in our world competing for our attention, and it takes intentionality to shift our focus back to God. But sometimes it’s hard to apply what we’ve learned from a Sunday sermon. We might not know where to start, or it might feel overwhelming to apply everything. What if you could take just one next step, a small shift in behaviour that would allow you to become a little more like Christ? Our One Degree Shift initiative will help you with small steps to build on what you’ve learned and carry your spiritual practices into the week. After each sermon series, we’re going to provide you with actions and resources that will take you beyond Sunday and help you centre each day around Jesus.



“Dangerous Prayers”

Select one or two actions you can take as your next steps in growing as a disciple of Jesus.


  1. Assess your own prayer life by walking through this infographic on prayer. Write down 2 or 3 action steps in response to the survey results. 
  2. Choose one or more of the video sessions on prayer in “Look at the Book”. Learn how to take the prayers of Scripture, analyze them and apply them in your own time with God. 
  3. Read Timothy Keller’s Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. Keep a journal and record your reflections after completing each chapter. Write down 2 or 3 prayer action steps for growing in your intimacy with God. 


  1. Sign up for the weekly Prevailing Prayer Email.  Each time you receive the email, keep it handy throughout the day (whether digitally or on paper), especially during your prayer time. Commit to refer to it throughout the week to intercede for those who have requested prayer.
  2. Download the YouVersion app. Utilizing the ‘Prayer’ tab by recording your prayers and inviting some friends to join you. Make it a regular rhythm to not only pray alone but pray with a friend 2 or 3 times each week. 
  3. Read Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets. Consider inviting one or more people to join you in this reading and use the discussion questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate interaction. 


  1. Engage in prayer for the persecuted church by going to opendoorsca.org and click on ‘Get Involved’. Choose a practical way that you will be involved in ongoing prayer and support for those who are being persecuted because of their witness for Jesus.
  2. Become a global partner in prayer by going to OperationWorld.org and getting involved in their prayer initiatives. 
  3. Go to 24-7prayer.com and find out how you can get involved in mobilizing people to pray. Consider starting your own small prayer group.  


“A New Normal: Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount”

PART TWO: Matthew 6:19-7:27

Select one or two actions you can take as your next steps in growing as a disciple of Jesus.



  1. To love God is to build your life with Jesus as your foundation. Read Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller and consider if you are building your life on a foundation that lasts.
  • Identify one or two areas in your life that are obstacles to your worship of God. Write them down.
  • Seek out a mentor or spiritual friend who you can keep you accountable and prayerfully support you in breaking free from hindrances to worship.
  1. Take the CAP Money Course on biblical financial stewardship.
  1. Are you struggling with anxiety and worries about what might happen tomorrow?



  1. Two themes that emerge from Jesus’ teaching pertaining to our relationship with others are judging and generosity.
  • Watch this video on judging that will help bring scriptural clarity to the subject.
  • Watch Real Truth. Real Quick. which provides insight into what Jesus meant by “the Golden Rule”.
  • In response to one or both videos, write down two or more action steps for yourself. Ask a spiritual friend or mentor to help keep you accountable.
  1. Read Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman with a friend or your life group. Put some of her practical suggestions into practice.
  1. In Matthew 7:7-11, Jesus challenges us to believe that whatever we ask, we will receive. Challenge yourself to pray believing God’s best for someone else. Consider God’s highest calling for people (to love Him and love others) and pray specifically for at least one other person with this in mind. Refer to Ephesians 3:14-21 as a guide for how to pray God’s best for someone.


  1. Can you identify a false teacher, and do you know how to interact with others who are following a false teacher?
  1. Read Jesus Next Door: A 30-Day Prayer Guide to Help You Practically Love the People Around You. For each of the thirty days, receive guidance as you:
  • Focus on a key Bible verse
  • Consider a short devotional thought
  • Read a selected Scripture passage
  • Reflect on key questions
  • Pray for yourself and others

This guide will help you pray for the people around you and learn to practically love them.



“A New Normal: Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount”

PART ONE: Matthew 5 – 6:18

LOVE GOD (Mark 12:30)

1. Do a self-assessment by asking the following questions.

Read through the Beatitudes – Matt. 5:1-11. Pay careful attention to verses 6 and 8:

  • What is my greatest desire in life?
  • Does God alone satisfy me?
  • Is my heart right before God?
  • Am I experiencing a growing closeness to God?

Journal your responses. If you identify shortcomings and/or obstacles in your relationship with God, contact someone who models what it is you see lacking in your own life. Ask if they would meet with you to help you grow in your love for God.

2. Learn to cultivate a deeper walk with God by reading and completing the Your Spiritual Formation Plan Workbook.

3. Watch this sermon on the Lord’s Prayer from Rick Reed (President of Heritage Seminary). Identify 2 or 3 takeaways for developing a stronger prayer life.

4. Anchor you and your family in the truth of who God is. Work through the New City Catechism together.

LOVE OTHERS (Mark 12:31)

1. Is there a relationship with someone in your life that needs reconciling? (see Matthew 5:21-24)

  • Pray for discernment about how best to seek reconciliation.
  • Contact this person and ask for a face-to-face conversation (if possible). If not possible for a conversation, contact this person and write a letter to them.
  • Seek to be reconciled with this person.
  • Consider reading The Peacemaker yourself or with another person.

2. Correct unhealthy notions about marital sex and lust (Matt. 5:27-32) by reading The Great Sex Rescue. Learn how to think biblically and counterculturally when it comes to the husband-and-wife relationship.

SERVE THE WORLD (Matthew 20:26-28)

1. Take action to be salt and light in someone else’s life. (see Matthew 5:13-16)

  • Write down the names of 5 people you see each day or week besides your own family. Identify one way you can be “salt and light” in their life this week.
  • Examples include (but are not confined to): writing a note of encouragement; buying them a coffee; giving them a sincere compliment; praying for them; sharing the gospel when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Struggling with people who are treating you unfairly? Listen to this inspiring message on Loving your Enemies by Martin Luther King Jr. Write down one love action step that you will take this week in response to this message.

3. Learn to strategically pray for and support the persecuted church by joining Open Doors Canada.


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