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Living lives of undivided devotion (1 Corinthians 7:17-40) | Imperfect Series

Underlying all Paul’s writing in this chapter about marriage and singleness is this concern, that as God’s people we would live lives of undivided devotion to him. The issue for each one of us isn’t ultimately our marital status, the issue is that God our ultimate loyalty would be to God above anyone and anything else

Sermon Notes:

  • You can live a life of purpose and contentment no matter your current circumstance. 
  • Satisfaction is ultimately found in living for the one who saved us not in our living situation. 
  • Satisfaction is found in knowing the Saviour who satisfied all of God’s requirements and living for Him. 
  • The key to contentment isn’t changing our circumstances, it’s understanding our calling. 
  • Satisfaction is found in serving Christ and you can serve Christ no matter your circumstances. 
  • Stop living “if only” lives, start living lives of undivided devotion to Jesus. 

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