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Taking the Lord’s Supper Seriously (1 Corinthians 11:17-34) | Imperfect Series (K)

Partaking in the Lord’s supper together is an essential part of Christian worship and community. It is a regular reminder of the foundation of our faith, the forgiveness and grace we have received through Christ’s death for us. In taking it we confess our communion together as a church family and our communion with God through Christ. In light of this, before partaking in the Lord’s supper, we should always take time to examine ourselves making sure that we are in right relationship with God and with each other.

Sermon Notes:

  • All of us crave to be deemed worthy.
  • Because of Christ, we are no longer unworthy to approach a holy God. (vs. 27)
  • When we take time to seriously examine ourselves, we should be humbled. (vs.28) 
  • Three ways Jesus makes us worthy:
    1. Jesus invites us to be redeemed (vss. 23)
    2. Jesus invites us to practice the spiritual act of remembrance (vs. 24-25)
    3. Jesus invites us to be united with him (vs. 25)
  • Our unity with Christ must be reflected in our unity with each other (vs. 17-22)
  • Out of his love for us, God will confront us (vs. 32)
  • Through the Lords’ Supper we must…
    •       … pursue unity in the church (vs. 33-34)
    •       … pursue unity with God (vs. 26) 

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