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Judging Without Being Judgmental – Equip Class

“Judge not, lest ye be judged” – Matt 7:1
No one wants to be seen as a judgmental person, but the work of growing as a disciple will include making some decisions (or judgements) about how our lives line up with the teachings of Scripture. How do we balance this for ourselves and as we walk along side others in their discipleship.
Join us for a three week class as we learn from Scripture and reflect on how we do this difficult and sacred work of learning to judge well.

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M.A.I.D.: A Biblical Perspective Equip Class

In 2016, Medical Assistance in Dying (M.A.I.D.) became law in Canada. M.A.I.D. allows a person who is critically ill the option of requesting medical assistance in bringing about their own death. Statistics show that most Canadians support a person’s right to access M.A.I.D. Some questions that emerge are:

  • Does a majority opinion make something morally right?
  • What does the Bible have to say about life and death?
  • How should a Christian view M.A.I.D. and respond to this increasingly normalized approach to end of life?

This Equip Class will help you understand the legal and practical implications of M.A.I.D. and the trends that we see emerging. Most importantly, we will explore what the Bible says about life, death, and human responsibility, and what that means for you as a follower of Christ.

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Caring for God’s World Equip Class

In the beginning, God created the world and assigned humankind the role of overseeing and caring for it. Conservation and resource management was God’s idea and remains our mandate to this day. Though there are many environmental movements, Christianity alone provides a moral imperative to responsibly conserve and consume our natural, God-given resources.

Come join us for this 4-week class as we explore what the Bible says about creation care and how we can practically apply what we learn to the world around us.

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The Emotionally Healthy Man – Equip Class

To thrive as a Christian man requires emotional maturity. This class will help men to:

  • identify how emotional and spiritual maturity are connected;
  • identify obstacles to emotional maturity;
  • create pathways for breaking through obstacles;
  • establish rhythms and habits that lead to growth and maturity;
  • and much more!

Each session will include a 15-minute video teaching, small group discussion, and take-home exercises.

The $40 registration fee covers the Emotionally Healthy book, workbook, and daily devotional.

In person only

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Marriage Course

Great marriages don’t just happen. They require an investment of time, energy, and commitment over the long haul. That’s why we’re offering The Marriage Course. This 7-week online class offers the very best material covering topics such as communication, finances, sex, and much more. It includes engaging videos along with confidential interactive activities and discussions for you and your spouse.

There is no cost and it all takes place over Zoom.

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Senior’s Gathering

Join us for our next Senior Gathering as we enjoy great music, food, and fellowship. This month our theme will focus on Easter. Come and celebrate as we remember Jesus’ resurrection together!

Cost is $5 at the door.

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Cambridge Women’s Equip Class – The Emotional Healthy Women

Join us for The Emotionally Healthy Woman, an eight-week study where we will dive into this life-changing series that will teach us why biblically quitting is essential to embracing God’s kingdom. We will be challenged to let go of pretending everything is fine and find genuine freedom in Christ.
Becoming emotionally healthy is essential as we grow in our desire to be disciples who love God, love others, and serve the world.
If you are ready to prayerfully make this courageous decision, join us!
We can’t wait to see how God changes us over the next eight weeks.

Cost: $31 upon registration. This includes the paperback edition as well as the workbook.

Limited childcare is available for Thursday Mornings Only, for newborns to pre-school.

*We will pause one week for March Break*

If you are doing the self-study option, you can pick up your study guide at Forward Church Cambridge. Any questions? Contact Rachel

Registration for in-person will be limited.

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Merge Premarital Equip Class

Are you seriously dating or engaged? Make sure to register for our next Merge Equip Class. Merge is an 8-week pre-marriage course that includes large group teaching and small group discussions led by mentor couples. Topics include communication, sex, finances, conflict, and more, all within a biblical perspective.

The cost is $40 per person ($80 per couple).

Our next in-person Merge Course will take place beginning January 2023.

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CAP Money Equip Class

The CAP Money Equip Class helps you to steward wisely by teaching you how to establish a budget, get out of debt, spend & save wisely, and give generously. CAP can be taken in a small group setting, one-on-one, or independently at your own pace. Every setting offers an individualized approach taught by knowledgeable and supportive instructors.