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Cambridge Child Dedication Prep Class

Our child dedication celebration provides an opportunity for parents to publicly express their decision to raise their child in a way that honours God. It is also a time for our church community to say, “We will partner with you in this journey.”

Join us in person at our Cambridge site on Sunday, October 22 at 10:00 a.m. to discover what God desires for your family. This class is required for parents who have not recently attended a prep class and wish to participate in the dedication celebration on Sunday, November 5.

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Men’s Equip Class

Are we leading like Jesus and making him the Lord of our lives?

We will study the leadership attributes of Jesus and evaluate how well we are applying those to our lives.

What’s getting in the way? How do we change our priorities to make them reflect a life with Jesus in the driver’s seat?

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Cambridge Men’s Event

Being tired seems to be the norm these days! The demands of work, family, society, even church can make us feel like we’re stretched beyond our limits. Sometimes life just feels overwhelming!

Exhaustion is NOT the life Jesus invites us into. But how do we live the “Jesus way” in the midst of so much around us competing for our time?

Join us for an evening in which we tackle this important question while offering some practical handles for living above the fray. We’re confident you will experience a lot of encouragement, valuable insight, and (I dare not forget) . . .

delicious meal of smoked meats with all the fixings!!

All this for $20 per person.

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Cambridge Halloween Fun Fest

Join us on Saturday, October 28 from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at our Cambridge site (55 Franklin Blvd.) for our annual Halloween Fun Fest! There will be activities, games, and a fun time for the whole family! Oh, and of course, CANDY!!

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Cambridge S.H.A.P.E. Equip Class

Understanding your S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience) will help you discover how God has specifically created & designed you and how he has uniquely SHAPED you to serve others.

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Helping Others Through Life’s Challenges Equip Class

Do you have a desire to grow in your ability to care for and help others who are stuck, struggling, or suffering? Do you want to better understand what it looks like to know and Love Others the way Christ loves us?

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands is a 10-week class that will help you grow in your ability to have deeper, more meaningful, gospel-centered conversations with those who need help. Each session includes video teaching and a time for group discussion. One hour of weekly reading and reflection assignments are also part of the experience.

Cost is $30 and includes the “Instrument’s in the Redeemer’s Hands” Participant Guide.

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Prayer: Talking with and Listening to God Equip Class

“There is nothing more important, or harder, or richer, or more life-altering.  There is absolutely nothing so great as prayer”.   – Timothy Keller

In this three-week Equip Class, we will look at prayer as taught by Jesus and adapted throughout history to apply in our everyday lives. You will learn about the richness of prayer, the awe, the intimacy, the struggle, and the reality.

We will also explore the other side of prayer – hearing from and listening to God. At the end of the course, you will leave feeling equipped and inspired, igniting a spark or fanning a flame that sets your prayer life on fire.  (2 Tim 1:6-7)

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Cambridge Women’s Equip Class

Join us for a 7-week study through the book of Philippians.
Grow in discovering the joy and delight it is to study and be women who are in the word of God.

The book of Philippians is filled with joy and much rejoicing, but not only that, it is a call for us to live lives that reflect Christ and a call for unity and to live For His Glory.

Learn to rejoice in all circumstances and to proclaim His name and the peace that comes through prayer.

Cost: $20 upon registration.

Limited childcare is available for Thursday Mornings Only, for newborns to pre-school.

This class will be offered in person only, in the morning or evening.

Any questions? Contact Rachel

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Sharing the Gospel with Different Faiths Equip Class

The gospel is good news for all people. But good news means different things to different people groups. How can we effectively share the gospel with people from very different backgrounds and perspectives?

This class will help you to contextualize the gospel for people of various faith (and non-faith) backgrounds. You will be hearing from Forward missionaries of various people groups and what they have learned in sharing the gospel. You will also be led each week in an interactive discussion format and will be encouraged to think of ways you can share the gospel with those God has brought across your path.

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Merge Premarital Equip Class – Winter 2024 (in person)

Are you seriously dating or engaged? Merge is an 8-week pre-marriage course that provides video teaching for you and your partner plus a mentor couple to walk with you through the course. Topics include communication, sex, finances, conflict, and more, all within a biblical perspective.

Please note: this course is required if you wish to have a pastor from Forward serve as your wedding officiant.

The cost is $40 per person ($80 per couple).