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APRIL 02 2023 – Full Service

As humans, it is natural for us to want to seek justice when we feel wronged. However, as Christians, we must remember that we have been forgiven through Christ’s death on the cross and that he will ultimately bring about justice when he returns. This passage offers us insight into how we often react to being wronged in unhealthy ways and how we can choose to respond in more healthy and godly ways.

Sermon Notes:

  • In a fallen world living in community will inevitably involve conflict. 
  • Three things we need to remember if we’re going to handle conflict well: 
    • We need to remember who we are in Christ.
    • We need to remember that the way we act impacts the reputation of Christ.
    • We need to remember that Jesus laid down His rights to pay for our wrongs. 
  • Is there a wrong you need to make right? 
  • Is there a right that you’re dealing with wrong? 

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