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August 13 2023 – Full Service (K)

This small section points out that it’s good and valuable to plan. Ministry often requires us to think ahead, to plan, to strategize. But, we must always recognize that our plans are secondary to God’s plans. Make your plans, but then place your plans in God’s hands.

Sermon Notes:

  • We can hold too tightly or too loosely to our plans.
  • We should create plans that bring glory to God.
  • We must place our plans in God’s hands and trust Him in the process.
  • Three examples of trusting God with our future:
    • Trust God when our plans change (vs. 5-9)
    • Trust God when things are tough (vs. 10-11)
    • Trust God when His will conflicts with our will (vs. 12)
  • Trusting God with our future is an essential act of faith.
  • What do we do when we don’t know what to do?
    • Listen to wise counsel.
    • Listen to the Holy Spirit. 

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