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FEBRUARY 19 2023 – Full Service

The gospel message may seem foolish or weak to those who hear it, but that’s how God often chooses to build his movement. Rather than seeking out the powerful or influential, he calls the weak, powerless, and foolish to proclaim the good news. In fact, the gospel was just as foolish to the people of Corinth as it may seem to those in Southern Ontario today. But despite its apparent foolishness, the gospel is just as powerful to save now as it was 2000 years ago. And he continues to spread His message and build His movement through unlikely individuals today. If we hope to faithfully proclaim the gospel, we must be willing to embrace this reality and not be discouraged by others’ perceived foolishness of our message.

To be a Christian requires believing in what seems like folly and embracing our own lack of status and standing.

The Christian message seems foolish.

If you only follow Jesus when it makes sense, you won’t end up following Jesus.

God didn’t choose you because of what you have to offer.

God didn’t choose you because of what you have to offer and that’s good news!

The Gospel constantly reminds us we have nothing to be proud of only things to be grateful for.

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