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July 09 2023 – Full Service (K)

Although you’ll need to deal with what Paul is talking about here as he deals with the issue of tongues and prophecy, Paul’s primary concern here is not about answering all our questions about tongues and prophecy and instead is about the benefits of each of those gifts. In short Paul’s argument is that prophecy is a more desirable gift because it benefits the hearer while tongues benefit only the one speaking in tongues.
We learn a few things from this:
1. The word of God is incredibly important for the building up of the church.
2. The purpose of corporate worship services should be the building up of all believers not merely self-fulfillment.
If you are preaching this message make sure to speak to the other person scheduled to preach this Sunday so we make sure we are delivering a consistent message on this topic.


Sermon Notes:

  1. In using our gifts, we are called to contribute.
  2. In using our gifts, we are called to consider the rest of the body.
        a) Consider both the believers & unbelievers at gathering.
        b) Consider the balance between mind & spirit.
  3. In using our gifts correctly, we convince others of the presence of God.

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