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July 23 2023 – Full Service (K)

If we have received the forgiveness that has come through Christ death on the cross one day, we will also receive a new and imperishable body like Jesus did at his resurrection. The hope of the Christian is not a disembodied existence in the clouds, instead is a new, imperishable, physical body enjoying eternity with God in a new heaven and new earth.


Sermon Notes:

  • We are called to believe the tangible reality of Jesus and the resurrection. (vs. 35-36)
  • Resurrection means we don’t hate our bodies. (vs. 37-41)
  • Resurrection means we don’t worship our bodies. (vs. 42-48)
  • When we get worship wrong, it leads to hate. But when we get worship right, it leads to love.
  • The true power of the resurrection is renewal. (vs. 49)     
  • Practicing the way of renewal starts now.
  • Five ways to use our bodies to engage our hearts for worship: 
    1. Kneeling in Prayer
    2. Raising Hands in Worship
    3. Fasting
    4. The Lord’s Supper
    5. Baptism 

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