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JUNE 5 2022 – Full Service

Here we find one of the most famous sections of Scripture in the whole Bible. The 10 commandments, which are better referred to as the ten words, form the foundation of the covenant which God is making with His people. Each commandment is not merely a law but comprises a moral principle which reveals to us the character of God and what He expects from His people. The first 4 principles deal with concerning the relationship between people and God, the next 6 deal primarily with the horizontal relationships we have with others. What becomes painfully obvious as we walk through all 10 of the commandments is that, each of us fall short of keeping not only some of them but of failing to keep all of them. Ultimately, the commandments not only lay a moral framework that shows us the character of God and creates a foundation for a just and moral society but it also shows us our need for the forgiveness and redemption that comes through Christ alone.