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May 14 2023 Full Service (K)

Paul continues the theme of rights. Last week we looked at the fact that our rights and freedoms need to be constrained by our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ. This week Paul demonstrates through his example and his instruction that as Christians we ought to be willing to set aside our rights for the sake of the gospel. Out of love for Christ and love for the lost we, like Paul, must choose to put aside our rights, preferences, and comfort to reach and rescue as many people as possible with the gospel. Our rights and freedoms are not the ultimate prizes, the souls of people and the glory of God are.


Sermon Notes: 

  • Our default is to choose ourselves over others.
  • When we see how following Jesus gives new life, we will gladly give up our rights.
  • Three rights the gospel is greater than:
    • The gospel is greater than our right to freedom.
    • The gospel is greater than our right to preferences.
    • The gospel is greater than our right to comfort.
  • Three things the gospel compels us toward:
    • The gospel compels us to move closer to the lost, not away.
    • The gospel compels us to contextualize the message and the messenger.
    • The gospel compels us toward a clear missional focus.

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