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Rewind Episode 160: Babies, Plants, Buildings, and the Growth God Brings | Imperfect Series

What’s a little friendly competition among friends? No harm done with a happy attitude and friendly nature. But one place it does not belong is in the hearts of the body of Christ towards others in the body of Christ. In 1 corinthians 3, we see Paul bring to light that the Corinthians have tendency towards quarrelling and jealousy, which are signs of their spiritual immaturity, leading to division and a demonstration that they have not fully understood the core principles of the gospel. This week on the Rewind Podcast, we discuss a grab-bag of these topics, and others, as we once again dive into the questions that you, the listeners, have asked. When and how do we build bridges to our fellow laborers and churches in unity? What are the hills to die on? How do I start serving?
Listen in for answers, and a fun “healthy” competition of our own.

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