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Rewind Episode 161: Living a Cross Shaped Life | Imperfect Series

On this week’s episode of the Rewind podcast Pastor Derik fills in for Blair as Pastor Darryl and Pastor Andrew answer questions like: “What’s the difference between feeling ashamed vs. being repentant?” “How can you speak the truth to others without coming off as judgemental?” and “Won’t showing grace to others just cause people to take advantage of us?” Plus Andrew and Darryl share about leaders who have had an impact on them and what is about their leadership that impacted them so deeply. In this chapter, Paul asks the Corinthians, “What do you have that you did not receive?” This question encapsulates Paul’s theology of grace, which holds that everything we have is a gift from God. In order to encourage the Corinthians to live a life shaped by God’s grace, and the sacrifice and surrender the cross calls us to, Paul employs a combination of irony, sarcasm, and tender love to guide them. However, he recognizes that mere teachings are not enough; the Corinthians need an embodied example to follow. As such, he sends them Timothy, a living embodiment of humility and grace, to model for them what it means to live a life in accordance with the gospel.

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