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Rewind Episode 168: How to be 100% Right and Still be Wrong | Imperfect Series

Three of the hardest words to ever say:
“I was wrong”.
On today’s episode of Rewind: Our culture puts a high value on rights and freedoms, which are good things, but they aren’t the ultimate thing. We’ve made it to chapter 8 of 1 Corinthians in our Imperfect series and this week on the podcast, you didn’t disappoint with sending in your amazing questions. We discuss how our freedom as Christians should not be rooted in individual autonomy, but in love. If we use our rights and freedoms in a way that causes our brothers and sisters in Christ to sin, even though our actions may not be sinful, our attitude and posture are. It is possible to be 100% right on our doctrine and still be wrong. If we win the argument without loving our brothers or sisters we’ve still lost.

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