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Rewind Episode 192: God Is Holy | GOD IS.. Series

It’s Week 1 of our newest series called “God Is…” – looking at the attributes and character of God. This week we discuss how God Is Holy, which means that He is separate and set apart from all else that is. It’s an essential part of His nature. Tied into this, His holiness means that He is absolutely pure, completely unstained by sin or evil. As Christians this is essential to know because in His holiness He calls those of us who are His people, His children to reflect Him by also being holy. He alone is the standard by which holiness is to be measured or judged. Tune into the the Rewind Podcast where Pastors Derik and Darryl get practical as we discuss how Christ gives us His holiness since we cant be holy on our own, and what a life of holiness really looks like. Thanks for texting in your questions! Don’tĀ stopĀ asking!

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