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Rewind Episode 194: God Is Omniscient | GOD IS.. Series

In Psalm 139 the Psalmist declares that the knowledge of God is so extensive that He knows every thought and action He takes. This is true but it only begins to scratch the surface of what we mean when we say that God is omniscient. When we say God is omniscient we say there is nothing in all creation or all history (past, present, future) that God does not know. As the Psalmist states it is a knowledge that “too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain it.” The omniscience of God has implications for all sorts of things: on what we pray for and how we pray, on where we ought to turn for wisdom, on the trustworthiness of what God promises to us, but maybe most importantly it changes how we understand His love for us. It means that even though God knows everything about us, He still loves us and chose to send His son to redeem us.

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