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Darryl Siemens

Darryl loves the city of Kitchener and connecting with people, but his primary passion is to see people become fully devoted disciples of Jesus. He grew up in a Christian home and has been involved in ministry in one form or another since high school. During his off time, Darryl enjoys going to local coffee shops, reading books on culture and theology, and discussing all things Marvel and Star Wars. He is married to his incredible wife Stephanie; together, they enjoy raising their two young kids.

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Keith Sparrow

Keith desires to engage people in meaningful worship experiences by drawing their full attention to Christ. Growing up in a ministry family, he has been involved in some form of ministry, especially music, since he could sit upright. He loves participating in almost any sport but has a particular affinity for golf. Keith is also always up for a coffee and an opportunity to chat, catch up and loves to hear how God has been working in and through people’s lives.

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Kirk Giles

Kirk is passionate about helping people grow as disciples of Jesus as well as developing more leaders for the mission Jesus has called us to. His journey through life has given Kirk a great desire to support those who are hurting and looking for hope. Kirk has been serving the local church since he was a kid, where he even sang a solo at church (but was never asked to do that again). He is a big fan of the Blue Jays, Raptors, and Buffalo Bills – and endures the Maple Leafs.

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Derik Fuller

Derik is passionate about introducing people to Jesus and helping them see how Jesus changes everything. Derik and his wife Amanda are both originally from the Tillsonburg area and have spent their lives living in and ministering to people in Southern Ontario. He loves his three kids, the Dallas Cowboys and Toronto Raptors. Although he doesn’t drink coffee himself, he’d be happy to buy you a coffee and hear your story, so feel free to drop him a line and set up a time to chat.